BSS-Kit-800MF - Hand Shower Kit incl. CleanSeal™ Flange & EasySlide™ - 800MF

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Detailed Description

This Shower System includes a 800mm Stainless Steel Straight Rail and Hand Held Shower Kit featuring the EasySlide™ handset cradle. This quality shower cradle is designed to provide a smooth shower positioning by slide-action with a fully adjustable tensioner. This system is low maintenance, self-cleaning and can be used effectively as a grab rail. 

In addition to these benefits, this shower kit also features the CleanSeal™ flange and cover system which allows for a hygiencially mounted and structurally strong system that inhibits bacteria growth.

BSS-Kit includes: EasySlide™ & CleanSeal™, Shower System

with Handle including M1MF Shower Kit

Note: Also available without a handle

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