Modular Grab Rails - Home Assist (HA)

Home assist kits are designed for versatility for the elderly & disabled and may be combined to make many and varied arrangements for grab rail applications within the home.

View examples of typical combinations of our grab rail system below. Our grab rails are only limited by your imagination. Our grab rails are designed to be customised for any application you may need for in the home.

Grab Rails can be configured to suit most domestic applications. Simply make selections from our extensive range of prepackaged kits to suit your needs. Fitting and installation is easy, making your project a one-stop operation. Please contact our office and let us explain how you can best utilise this product range.

Order only the parts you need and get it installed quickly & easily.

Ref to our Home Assist Modular Brochure for more information. 

Contact us on 03 9466 3211 if you have any questions!

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